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Olympiad in Informatics, or OI, entered China in 1984, and it is among five major high school academic competitions. Since 1989, a national training team for International Olympiad in Informatics, or IOI, will be selected each year.

International Collegiate Programming Contest, or ICPC, is held by ICPC Foundation, and is one of the most influential computing competitions in colleges. There are two parts in ICPC -- Regionals and World Finals respectively. It is also known as ACM competition since this organization sponsored it in the past.

OI Wiki aims to be a free and lively updated site that integrates resources, in which readers can get interesting and useful knowledge about competitive programming. There are basic knowledge, frequently seen problems, way of solving problems, and useful tools to help everyone to learn quicker and deeper.

This project is inspired by CTF Wiki and referenced a lot of materials. Thanks for all helps provided.

This project is hosted on GitHub, and uses Issues / QQ / Telegram to communicate.

Welcome joining our Telegram group at @OIwiki and QQ group at 588793226 !

Note: This is the English fork of the main site which is actively updating. The initial translation work of this site is part of the Open Source Promotion Plan with OI Wiki a community in the project in 2020 and 2021. In 2020, isdanni, as a participant of this project (Chinese link), made significant contribution to this project and translated about half of the site. Special thanks for her work! Some content produced in this project did not get fully reviewed and revised in time are stored at Summer2020 archive site, with PRs tagged with summer2020-left in PR list.

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