ICPC/CCPC Contest Format



International Collegiate Programming Contest, or ICPC, is a competitive programming contest organized by the ICPC Foundation. It is the most influential programming competition for college students. Since ACM sponsored this competition in the past, many people are used to calling it ACM competition.

ICPC is mainly divided into two parts: Regionals and World Finals.

Official website: https://icpc.baylor.edu


Official website: https://ccpc.io

Chinese college student programming competition.

The major difference from ICPC is that many schools do not support reimbursement.

Competition system introduction

Contestants have multiple submission opportunities during the competition. The competition is evaluated in real time and the results are displayed (wrong test cases can be seen in some competitions, such as LeetCode). If the submitted result is wrong, there will be a penalty time. The more errors, the longer the penalty time. The score of the problem can only be obtained after the submission is accepted. The ranking is judged based on the number of questions and penalty time.

In addition to ICPC and CCPC, many competitions also adopt this competition system, such as LeetCode Weekly Contest and National Programming Contest, Nowcoder Entry-level Practice Challenge and so on.

Season schedule

  • ICPC/CCPC Online Competition (Late August to Early September)
  • ICPC/CCPC Regional Competition (Late September to Late November)
  • ICPC EC Final/CCPC Final (Mid-December)
  • ICPC World Finals (April to June of the following year)

Training guide

Multi-school joint training

A training competition held in HDU OJ in the summer. The competition has high quality problems and offers bonuses for winners. It has accumulated abundant resources throughout the years.

Keywords for search in OJ: Multi-University Training Contest.

Domestic regional competition

A collection of selected problems from OJs of universities in China can be found in Virtual Judge.

Training Camp

Training resources