About this project

Q: Why do you want to make this Wiki?

A: Ever felt confused and helpless when you are learning OI, facing the massive knowledge system? What OI Wiki wants to do might be similar to "let more students with insufficient competition resources have easy access to training resources". Of course, this statement may not be entirely true, and the motivation for this Wiki may be very pure. We just simply want to make a small contribution to the development of OI. XD

Q: I am very interested, how do I contribute?

A: OI Wiki is now hosted on GitHub, you can directly access this repo to chcek the latest update. Ways to contribute include opening issues, pull requests on GitHub, share your ideas in the discussion group, or submit directly to the administrator. Currently, the framework we use is developed in Python mkdocs, which supports the Markdown format (also supports the insertion of mathematical formulas).

Q: But I am really new to this... I don’t know what I could do?

A: Everything comes from passion. You can help others review and modify the scripts, help us promote OI Wiki, and create a good learning and communication atmosphere for the community!

Q: Who is maintaining this now? I feel this is a huge project, can it really be done??

A: Some retired OIer started doing this. Then, they met many like-minded friends: active OIers, retired players, and friends who have never participated in OI. Currently, this project is mainly maintained by OI Wiki Team. (Here is a group photo)

Of course, it is very difficult to complete this project with our own strength. We sincerely invite you to help us improve OI Wiki.

Q: I heard about nocow, How can OI Wiki ensure that the content we contribute will not disappear suddenly like it?

A: We host the content on GitHub. Even if our server crashes, the content will not be lost. In addition, we will regularly back up everyone’s efforts, so even in the worst-case scenario where GitHub is out of service, our content will not be lost.

Q: It seems that most of the content of OI Wiki is empty?

A: Yes, the current progress is only 88% completed (re-counted on 2019.08), which is far from being a qualified Wiki. In the past few months, the main additions have been relatively basic. Therefore, we are soliciting and recruiting here. We hope we can meet friends who have the same ideas and we could improve OI Wiki together.

Q: Why not just write Wiki?

A: Because we hope that we can really help more players or people who are genuinely interested in these contents. For well-known reasons, the content on the wiki cannot be accessed without any effort.

Thank you for reading to the end. We would be happy to have your contribution.

OI Wiki Team